If it will be then, it is up to you. Get off your ass and get your life done. You need to act now! And if you aren’t still convinced by what I have to tell you then you will have some action quotes to reflect on.


It took a while to write this article but I just had to do it. And in whatever you want to achieve, you have to understand that there is no mystical secret to getting what you desire than to do it.


While recording a video of three girls starting a program to help Syrian refugees in Castellón, Spain, I asked Andrea how it is that she hopes to start from nothing but still save thousands of lives. To which she responded, “Ir, vamos a ir.”


She repeated the phrase again with the same fervour, and I understood, “to go, we are going to go.” To do. You simply do.


Stop talking about what you hope to do and get started already.


Everything you dream of achieving begins and ends with action, everything you are told to inspire you, is geared toward your action. You perverse to act one more time. You endure, through action. You are motivated to act. You hope for the best of your actions. You focus on acting precisely. Everything either stems from or heads towards your action, so do something.


I used to always be full of excuses. I was not in the right mood. I did not have enough money. I did not know enough. People will laugh at me. Why bother? But you act and nothing else seems to matter Exocet that you go something done, you took one step towards your goal which is a lot more than most people can attest to.


But this isn’t a story about anyone else but yourself. Why do you constantly need that push to do what you want, why? Do you not believe in yourself, why? Do you not think you deserve your goal, why? Are you stuck comparing the highlight of others with your insecurities? You solve these problems by doing what you want anyway.


See, your problem is probably very similar to what mine was. You ignore the power and importance of just beginning to act. You are staking a claim for everything you deserve. You ignore the impact of small steps. You want the next thing you do to be the last thing you need to do. You are in a rush.


And worst of all, you ignore that acting is better than doing absolutely nothing. You would rather the safety of inaction, complacency, and excuses than failure and shame. Separate your ego from what needs to be done and do for the sake of what is in your heart.


After three years of drawing, I am finally getting paid for portraits. After booking my first flight, I have become an incessant adventurer. After purchasing a camera on a whim, I have begun video work that I hope will be a great life’s work. After writing as a hobby, I finally put together this blog. And still I have not achieved an iota of everything I dreamed but I continue to act, and it always begins with small little steps. Each done for the sake of getting them over with so I can act again.


Eventually, they all accumulate into something you can be proud of, but you will always want me. So do not give in to the daunting nature of your expectation rather confine yourself to a resolution of consistent action, no matter what.


You need to look yourself in the mirror and say, “if it will be, it is up to me.” A friend told me that once and it stayed with me. Because on the other side of his comment is the more common truth, “if it does not happen, it is your fault.” So, at the very least free yourself from guilt, regret, and future blame, act now.


Get busy with your goal, your dream, de aside the excuses. Start overcoming hurdles and enjoying progress. Just get started.



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