T.R.A.M Stands For

The acronym, T.R.A.M, stands for Technical, Relevance, Authority and Monitoring – the pillars of Search Engine Optimization. Each category plays a critical role in the likelihood of ranking a website.

Thus, you’ll find I’ve covered just about everything anyone may want to know maximizing web visibility. Select one of the options below to jump to your preferred learning.

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Technical for SEO

Ensure your site and network are technically sound. Make sure your site neither hinders the work search engines nor the experience of web users.

  • Set up a site on wordpress

  • Setting up an SEO Friendly Site Structure

  • Dealing With 404s and Redirects

  • Indexed vs. Non-Indexed URLs

  • Internal Links

  • Managing website migrations

  • Basic GTM set up for wordpress

  • What is a technically sound website

  • Redirect issues

  • Website resources

  • Mobile friendliness

Technical Expertise I’ve Explained
  • seo checklist cover
  • install google adsense cover

Organic Performance & Web visibility Management

Provided by an industry leading expert

The S.E.O T.R.A.M method is the all encompassing guide to high level search optimization performance. Browse and learn. 

I’ve dedicated my professional career towards contributing to the success of small, medium sized and large businesses. Now, I want to empower anyone that has a vision to excel online

This guide is for those who seek true and deep knowledge of search engine optimization. You’ll only find this comprehensive walk-through on B&K Media.

However, if you’d like to drive more business to your website but don’t feel like mastering all these skills, then get in touch. Click the button below. I’ll be happy to apply my mastery to your challenge.

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Bayo Adesina, MBA
Bayo Adesina, MBASEO Maester
The SEO TRAM method is my way of showing appreciation for my craft. It's my hope you find as much joy in Search Engine Optimization as I do. The sky's not a limit.
tram relevance

Relevance for SEO

Discover search opportunities. Researching keywords, content and relevant pages that will drive traffic to the site.

Relevance Expertise I've Explained
  • acquisition plan cover
  • marketing funnel
  • user journey
  • informational search intent
  • navigational search intent
  • commercial search intent
  • transactional search intent
  • Match seo Search intent cover

Authority for SEO

You become an authority in your niche either by getting extremely lucky (we are talking lottery winner luck) or by implementing an intelligent strategy. This section is for those who won’t leave their digital success to chance.

  • Orphan pages

  • Social proof

  • Good internal linking structure

  • Sitemaps

  • Types of links

Authority Expertise I've Explained
  • backlinks and linkbuilding COVERS
  • Boost direct website visits to your site

Monitoring for SEO

Learn how to read, interpret and examine relevant reports to maintain or boost performance. This section is for those who don’t take chances.

Monitoring Expertise I've Explained
  • roi for seo cover
  • search engine optimization plan cover

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