With no discipline. Great things are never achieved. Discipline is the Creator of Dreams


Plato says, Be kind for every man is fighting a hard battle. We all suffer, something. We all struggle with something that does not allow us to be happy every single second of our life. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US, but because we are kind does not mean we ought to accept your excuses.


For Plato also said, “The first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself; to be conquered by yourself is of all things most shameful and vile.”


Yes, we all face a hard battle, but we all have a responsibility to ourselves, not only to work hard for our goals but to detach ourselves from vices that seem to have control over us. No one said being alive was meant to be easy. Stay disciplined.


Enough of your silly excuses for why you just need to buy those shoes that everyone is wearing. You need discipline!


You don’t need to gamble. You want to and can’t control your impulses. You don’t need to smoke, you enjoy it and cannot conquer your desires.


You keep talking about all the things you want to be, but every day I see you doing nothing challenging to make it so. Why haven’t you sent out 50 job applications per day, for that one job you crave. Because you think those excuses you have roaming around in your head are real? Nah! You are lazy and do not have enough discipline. Stop feeling so special holding on to these reasons that you think no one understands but you.


Plato already told you we are all fighting a hard battle yet some have the discipline to do the hard and painful things that achieve success. And I am not talking about attaining fancy things or becoming wealthy. I am just talking about becoming that person you have always wanted to be. It takes discipline, and it as arduous for every single one of us.


I am not foolish enough to tell you about all the many things I have to sacrifice every day. WE ALL FIGHT A HARD BATTLE. And my story is no more special than yours, except that right now I am exhausted and writing an article is the last things I want to do. But here were are.


If Henry Ford made as many excuses as you, after his many failures, if he did not stay disciplined and used his family problems as an excuse, we would not have mass production as we have it today.


If Nelson Mandela decided to break after being arrested if he allowed Prison to be an excuse giving up on his people. An entire continent would be empty of hope.


And good lord, Madame CJ Walker, the first female millionaire who also happened to be a black woman living through intolerably racist times. Imagine if she said, “well I can’t be rich because they hang people like me and not even a white woman has ever made so much money.”

We All Face Hard Battles. Stop Feeding Me These Excuses.


You just do not want it bad enough. You can’t wake up earlier in the morning to get more work done. You can’t stop going to parties because you don’t want to lose your friends? You have a family now, and you think that is enough to give up on everything you have ever wanted.


The reasons that avoid discipline are stacking up, and you are further away from the life of your dreams. Stop choosing indiscipline.

Know that everything you do in every moment is your choice. EVERY GREAT MAN and WOMAN that has, and will ever exist chose Discipline.


I am sorry, but your life is not so unusual that you are not intelligent enough to figure out an escape from your problems. You can beat that addiction. You can save that amount of money. You can lose the weight. You can do it all. But first, you have to choose Discipline.


That internal anxiety you feel as you give up something you have always done or had for the first time, that sacrifice is the same for all of us. It is painful, but you focus on discipline. And discipline is Sacrifice.


No! you do not get that one day to party that one night. Successful people sacrifice. Discipline is not about sacrificing 999 days with that one day off. Discipline is committing to 100 days and give every bit of you for 120 days, ready for the next.

You either want to get a job or not. You are either going to quit smoking or not. You will either stop gambling or not. You either live your dream our you don’t. In between what is and what ought to be is discipline.


And herein lies my challenge to you. Give up something that you know is holding you back. Set a goal for yourself and give yourself a hundred days of real discipline to achieve it. If you can’t sacrifice 100 days out of your entire lifetime for something you truly want, then remember that we all face a hard battle, but some of us deserve it.

And don’t worry, I will break in discipline too. Many times in life. But when that happens I won’t make excuses. I will know that I am not strong enough. Are you?




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