You should be driven to leave the world better than you found it. Or at the very least, make your mark.

If you do not have enough drive to challenge yourself, you get stuck. If you don’t have enough will to improve the way things are done then you are replaceable. 

If you do not have a legacy that you are fighting for, you will be forgotten. Are you driven?

No one is asking you to be the next Steve Jobs. But it is not too much of a wild notion to expect that you push yourself towards a goal that means something to you, that means something to the world around you. 

What is it that you need to achieve for the sake of advancing society? Or your family, to be less dramatic.

Do you know where your life is headed? 

Are you working for the sake of being busy or are you on the brink of something special?

Connect with your ambitions, understand their meaning. 

Fill the gap between your hopes and your future with drive. Seek out inspiration because drive will wear away at your confidence. Capitalize on your opportunities and bounce higher from your shortcomings. That’s what drive is all about. 

You don’t take no as the answer to your dreams. 

Innovate. Simplify. Adapt. Learn. 

Get lucky and Dare to stand out.

There has never been anyone like you. For better or for worse, there will never be another like you. 

Not with the same life experiences, ideas or effort. 

Somewhere in your life is an extraordinary moment hoping for discovery. Make your mark. The world is waiting.