You don’t have to beat your chest till they believe what you say. 

Strive for those ambitions of which you pray. 

Those things they need to see to believe. For you the vision just won’t leave.

Let them laugh, and mock if they like. Your confidence is your weapon. Success will strike.

To make it to the top, you have to dig deep. The climb of your dreams will certainly be steep. 

Never give up and you won’t won’t fail. Destiny’s pen is tight in your hands. While they sleep, you write your tale. 

Do not worry. Be assured. This may take a while, but there will be glee. You’ll teach the doubter patience, wait and see.

With a bit of confidence, hope is real. Not a pretense of imagining.

With a bit of confidence, your work is your vessel. Treasure the chance at being a captain.

Let the storms come, bring on the worst. With a bit of confidence, you are ready for action.

It doesn’t matter if they aren’t convinced. Opinion has nothing to do with brilliance. Good that in the practice of talent, you find confidence. 

Besides, it is better not to be too dependent on the approval of others. Their faith may be fickle. Your conviction is what matters.

With a bit of confidence, you unleash yourself.

Go forth my friend, show them the stuff you are made of.