You are cut from the cloth of greatness. But a reminder is less than you came for.

We are born kings of our destiny. And certainly royalty is greatness. 

Yet too many of us abdicate the responsibility of our lives. We chose ease and conformity over our birthright. We fall into obsessive patterns of the unremarkable. Thus, born great and requiring habits, the question becomes how to remain great?

The great know who they are and who they strive to become. The great do not stray.

Be true to you. 

The great is the one who holds the pen as the story of his life is written. 

Do not fear the loneliness of the original mind. 

Trust your purpose. The great are remembered for what they could do for others. 

The great are givers, leaders who serve. Throw yourself passionately into your contribution.

The great know when to walk away but they never quit. Learn the difference. Persevere with intelligence. 

When at the crossroads of a difficult choice and and the eagerness to surrender; you ought to question, rethink and grow. Adapt and persevere, it is the mark of a great.

Start from the honesty of who you are. Build ceaselessly towards who want to become. Hold your pen. 

Your greatness is written between the lines of integrity, purpose and determination. It is the motif of those with fearless habits. It is your legacy. What is your story going to be?