How to Install Google Adsense Ads on a WordPress Site

install google adsense ads
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FIRSTLY, WHAT IS GOOGLE ADSENSE?The opportunity to make internet money from your work! The one great thing about the decline in popularity of traditional media is it has allowed motivated self-starters the opportunity to build their credible online platforms.


Purchase a domain name, set up your dream and get to work. And all terrific efforts deserve their reward. Thus, we have Google AdSense.


Google Adsense is an advertising network that offers bloggers and site owners the chance to make some extra money. Rejoice! Its free to join and user-friendly.


Once your account is approved, the system is easy to incorporate into your site. You only have to worry about generating traffic. With consistency and Google Adsense, you may be able to make a full-time job out of your passion, but baby steps. Let’s learn a bit.


Google AdSense, as a Pay Per Click program, allows you to generate income as your visitors click on the ads you’ve placed on your pages.  If you prefer to earn per view of the Ad, Adsense offers a Cost Per Impression option as well.


But if you are reading this, you probably aren’t interested in a general overview. You are itching to get your hands dirty. Good thing we are in this together, so let’s get started. Time to make money.



Log in to Google Adsense. Register for an account. Pretty straightforward. In a few days, you should receive a confirmation that says Google is willing to work with you. Well, if you are not up to anything sketchy.




Before we jump into step two, let’s pause for a second. If Google approves you, please consider establishing a Cookies Policy on your website. Not for me, for your users. Google is very clear about this. Good news is, if your site is based on WordPress, you can take care of this by installing a free plugin.


Back to Making money.


To verify your site on Google AdSense follow this steps:

On your Adsense page:

– Enter Settings → ‘My Sites’

– Click the ‘+’ button

– Type your domain ( then click ‘Add.’


There will also be an option that allows us to create ‘Access limitations’ to our Ad Code. We will be able to manage which URLs can generate an income from your hard work.


Why should we bother setting up access limitations?


Simple, we want to avoid any incorrect use of our Ad code.

Imagine that a third party site steals content from our website or Blog, including the Adsense code we’ve placed there. If this site makes poor use of our code, violating Google AdSense Policy, we suffer the consequences. Better to limit in which Domains our ads are active.


How do you activate a site for Adsense?


Go to ‘Settings’ and look for the button on the right side, you will find three dots, click them. Then click ‘Site Authorization’ and then ‘save’ after updating the relevant information.


Keep in mind, if we want to add more subdomains or other domains, we have to authorise them one by one. Otherwise, we don’t generate income from the Ads displayed on these sites.




You will only have to go to ‘My Ads,’ right on the Main Menu, then click on the ‘Ads Block.’


Choose your Ad type:


  • Text and/or Display: traditional text, image or video advertisement.


  • In-Feed Ads: Completely customizable! And a perfect fit for mobile devices. The Ad is placed in your feed (ex: after an entry, on the Next Article section of your blog).


  • In-Article Ads: These of Ads can be inserted into articles. They are displayed between two paragraphs.


Select the Size and Style:


We will experience better performance by following Google AdSense size recommendations. However, my suggestion based on the results I have obtained will be 336×280 and 300×260. They fit on almost every screen, and I’ve experienced high payment rates for my clients when utilising this setting.


I also recommend using colours that reflect your website or Blog theme. You are going to have to start thinking of yourself as a brand manager now.


As soon as we select the style of our Ad, our Google AdSense code will appear. Voilà! You only need to insert it into your site.


By combining the different types of Advertisements offered, we will have a better chance at earning more.




Adding the code to our WordPress Site is straightforward. Don’t panic like I used to.


All we need to do is copy and paste the code given to you by Google.


In your WordPress site go to ‘Appearance’ and click on ‘Widgets.’


Add as many text blocks as you like and paste the Ad code. That’s it. Your advertisement is now live!




As you can see now, inserting an Ad is not to complicated. If you are not convinced, you may download a plugin to manage your Ads. I’ve put together a list, in case you are interested:


– Pluginception

– AdSanity

– OIO Publisher

– Google ODF

– WP125

– Adrotate

– Simple Ads Manager


There is not much else to it. I hope I helped you to create and set your Ads successfully. Let me know how it works for you. And hey, pat yourself on the back. You are enthusiastic about leaving your mark online. But many people have that same eagerness and never do anything about it. You, at least, are taking the time to learn. Congratulations and good luck!


Bayo is a digital content creator who works on behalf of various businesses and B&K MAG. He expresses his gratitude to everyone who has played a part in his professional and personal growth. Photography, travel and directing videos were an accidental passion but being a writer for Bonds and Kindness has always been the dream. He hopes you enjoy the site, you are the reason it exists.

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