How to Make Money with your Blog or Website

how to make money with your website
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Hey there! Are you thinking about monetizing your Blog or Website? Do you want to know what options are available? Stay put. This article just may leave a smile on your face.


The following list offers practical ways of generating passive revenue through your website.




The most common way to make money online is to include Ads on your site. Several networks will allow you to do so. And they tend to be easy to operate. But which is the most popular? Yep! You’ve guessed it! Google Adsense.


But let’s dig a bit deeper. Google AdSense offers you different advertising possibilities, starting with regular advertisements featuring video, text or images. Plus Adsense allows you the opportunity of creating In-Feed Ads and In-Article Ads.


You can find more information about how to setup Google Adsense on your WordPress site in the article: Install Google Adsense on a WordPress Site.


To make money, you only have to set up the Ads, generate traffic and Google AdSense will send the cheque.


As a global advertising giant, Google is affiliated with millions of vendors. You don’t have to worry about getting them to your site. Google will send them to you. Just make sure your content is optimized correctly so you are likely to be given ads that your visitors may want to click.


Google Adsense also offers extended reports and statistics that will feed you the data you need to improve your advertising Strategy (location on your website, size of the Ads, type of Ads, etc.).


But don’t get stuck on what is popular. There are many other avenues you may explore to include PPC Ads on your site. For instance, though you are likely operating a WordPress site, you may not be aware that you can apply for WordPress’ WordAds program.


Beware, not all programs have the same eligibility criteria. Good news is that Google’s is pretty tame.


Here are other places you may want to consider if Google Adsense is too mainstream for you: In this advertising network, Yahoo! and Bing came together to be second to Google’s Adsense. It also offers a relatively high payout on native ads.


Adversal: Another great alternative if Google AdSense has banned you or just in case you are not a Google fan, is Adversal. It pretty similar Adsense and I hear the revenue generated from clicks is pretty generous. The only challenge for beginners may find here is that you need to have a minimum of 50.000 views per month to be accepted into the program.


Chitika: I’d ask you to give this one a try, mostly because you can use this along with Google Adsense or as a replacement. One of its pros is that you start receiving payment per every $10 made. If you are just starting out, you may find this option interesting.




CPM advertising, or cost per 1 thousand views, allows you to earn money by placing ads on your website or blog, no clicks on the ads are necessary to generate revenue.


Google Adsense also comes with this feature. But note, vendors ought to select your site before you allow their CPM campaigns to run on your site. If not, you do not receive the income you earn. But it’s not the end of the world. Below is a list of terrific CPM Ad networks:


Infolinks: This is the best option for generating revenue by views, in my opinion. Taken you understand you need a significant amount of traffic to make a meaningful income based on impressions. Remember you are paid per 1000 views, how many eyeballs are you attracting to your site? Infolinks is easy to navigate and their Ads tend not to clash with your layout.  Plus, the variety of Ad products they offer is quite exciting, for example:


InFold ads: Relevant ads focused on the interests of your audience.


InText ads: By way of double underlined keywords (previously specified), a friendly Ad bubble will show up when a user hover your mouse over them.


InFrame ads: Pretty attractive skyscraper banners placed in the margins. Only works for desktop views, not mobile friendly.


RevenueHits: They offer banner Ads, Pop-Ups (Oops, I forgot to mention before, Google Adsense doesn’t like pop-ups), and slider Ads.


Crisp Ads: Made especially for the blogger.


Propeller Ads Media: If you are getting great mobile traffic this CPM program may be for you.


Yllix Media: This is a simple program, perfect for beginners. They offer reasonable CPM rates and multiple monetization options.




Like endorsing products and making recommendations to your audience? Well, there is money in that. As an affiliate marketer, you will include links to products you wish to promote. This is usually done on ‘The best — for —-’ type of blog posts.  If your visitor’s trust your recommendation, they may click your link and make a purchase. Then ching-ching, in comes the commission. Now you don’t have to wonder why so many bloggers are recommending so many things you ought to buy. Don’t believe the hype! The more convincing bloggers are, the likelier they are to take a percentage to the bank. Not that we are above any of that. This is the internet!


If this sounds appealing to you, you will find income-generating links on Commission Junction and ShareASale.




Some platforms allow you to sell space on your website to advertisers. BuySellAds is one of these networks where you may let Advertisers know about the price of doing business on your site. But remember, before you start carving out chunks of your site for Ad space, you won’t be attractive to vendors if you are not drawing in a significant amount of monthly visitors to your site.




I’ve debated including Amazon’s affiliate program on this list because it seems somewhat repetitive at this point. But I decided that Amazon is almost its own entity. Plus of all affiliate marketing options, they are the most complete and reliable.


Imagine you want to send a visitor to some random site where they need to enter their credit card information before you can claim your commission. It is one thing to trust you, but for your customer to open up their banking information to a random site is quite another.


You don’t have to worry about that with Amazon. Most of your customers will probably have an account already saved there. And if you are selling customers something they need, I am sure they will be all too willing to hit the ‘One-Click-Buy’ button.


So yea, reputation.


But also, through Amazon, you have access to a variety of products. And so long as your customer makes an Amazon purchase within a 24HR period of arriving on the page through your site, you get a cut  Even if they did not purchase the actual product on your link (note: not every product available on Amazon contributes to this perk).


My one advice, don’t post links for the sake of doing so. If you are that lazy, you probably won’t have enough of a work ethic to drive our website to success. Enjoy the thrill of building a digital home that is full of engaging and growing content.




Keep in mind that generating an income online is not as simple as installing a few plugins or pasting a few Ad codes. Stable success will require consistency, creativity and customer value. Focus on making users happy, anticipating their needs and the success will come. But it will not arrive overnight.


Plus, depending on how you intend to develop your platform, these days there are other income generating techniques you may opt for.


Accepting donations is a relatively new method of sustaining the internet-based lifestyle. Some individuals offer paid courses or counselling. Your potential will depend on your area of expertise. It is ultimately up to you to experiment with what suits your vision.


In any case, please don’t go crazy flooding your site with tons of Ads. Keep in mind how you would feel if you stumbled on a website cluttered with them. How likely are you to return or recommend that site to a friend? You would probably forget about the page before you hit the close button. Don’t be that person! Focus on valuable content, focus on expressing your passion and interests. As they say, the money will come.


Bayo is a digital content creator who works on behalf of various businesses and B&K MAG. He expresses his gratitude to everyone who has played a part in his professional and personal growth. Photography, travel and directing videos were an accidental passion but being a writer for Bonds and Kindness has always been the dream. He hopes you enjoy the site, you are the reason it exists.

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