“In a world full of sin, the righteous surely must be foolish,” said the pragmatic man.

“It’s when the night is darkest that the light shines the brightest. Would you call that foolish,” replied the guru.

“But what is it that the righteous gain by so being uptight,” said the egotistical man

“They are exactly righteous because they no longer think in gain,” replied the guru.

“Do I need to be religious to be righteous,” the diligent man asked.

“Religion seeks righteousness. It is not the other way around,” replied the guru.

“How can you tell if a man is truly righteous,” the devious man asked.

“Be righteous yourself. Only then will you know,” the guru replied.

“And what about those cases when telling the truth can get you hurt. Or fired,” the cautious man asked.

“Whatever door righteousness closes,  three more open in the future,” the guru replied

“What if I don’t believe in heaven,” the cautious man asked.

By each of our deeds we choose heaven or hell, right here on Earth. Our lives are the accumulation of the world we make for ourselves.