I remember everything. Me and everything stand shoulder to shoulder, the back of you ever more distant.

I remember we were the best of friends.. Inseparable. We didn’t talk about curiosity but it led and we once followed heedfully. 

Adventure pumped through our veins. To us was everything. 

That was long ago.

You were young then. A pity, how you grew and we became far apart.

Do you remember when they told us no? We thought why not.

They told us to be afraid but we dared anyway. 

We touched fire to see if they were honest, and learned when to listen. We asked questions and doubted freely. 

I remember your mother’s annoyance. But she smiled when you weren’t looking. 

I remember it all. 

I remember that together they called us pesky. But in their hearts they knew the world was ours.

But you got older. You let me go.

We shrugged at ridicule. We marched on uncertainty. We never stayed still. So how is it that time steals magic as youth comes and goes?

Remember when you were thirteen? Still, things were new. The unknown was just another excuse to take a chance. 

We used to defy odds. 

Rely on me. Just one more time. It ought to be like it was.

I wonder if you reminisce. Or if the world has convinced the ice in your veins to stay. Is there hope for us, or is all that is left the memories?

Remember all those times your hands trembled, until I took yours in mine? Like when you turned 15 and we had to stand up to our bullies. 

Do you still brave the terrifying, or has comfort crippled you with mistrust?

Remember when I surprised you and we auditioned for that high school play? You haven’t been shy since then but you no longer believe there is more of you to discover. 

I’d give it all to be young again. For just one more go, you and I.

You prefer the safety of everything I convinced you to try. But to settle was never the point. 

We were supposed to have it all. We could still conquer the world but you don’t answer my calls.

For us and everything you could still achieve, don’t get stuck. Don’t stop wanting more. 

Avoid the easy road. Life is our challenge and we matched it once. You and I. 

I remember, I remember, This world is still yours. If only, you’d believe  in us one more time.


Your courage.