Life is too short to let our worries take over. Here we bring you 10 Quotes to make you Smile. Don’t waste more time focusing on the wrong things.


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I want to tell you it’s your eyes. I want to say it is that figure that you so elegant sway like a birch against a gentle breeze. But though at times I tell you it is the way you look in the morning, the truth is that it has always been your smile. That is what is the most beautiful about you. Because your smile is exactly who you are.

“Just try to smile when you get upset. Fake it at first then the happiness will come.” That is what you tell me. And maybe that is why you do it. Because smiles protect us from the world and draw light from us. I have never met another person that so effortlessly brings joy to others. You are always smiling.


You smile because you know others need it. So no matter how tough your day, you put others before yourself. You are always smiling.


You smile because you choose to see the beauty of the world. That is why you are always the centre of every room. You are always smiling.


You smile because you know that difficult times are temporary. That is why it is so easy to love you. You are always smiling.


You can tell me that it chases the sadness away. I think it is just who you are, your smile. Defiant. Happy. Positive. Inspiring. Lovely. Caring. Thoughtful and all mine. You are always smiling. More of us should.


We are alive and that is enough. No matter how hard things get, we should always be smiling. So smile.




smile quotes