Take up a new challenge, avoid little lies. They grow up so quickly and in disguise.

They stack higher and higher, till they capsize. 

They seem harmless, many of them. But you can’t keep track. At least not all at once. Lies start out small, but one way or the other, you’ll look like a dunce.

Plus, they are seldom reliable, those who lie. It is not how you want to be seen, give the truth a try. 

If the truth is not enough, then let’s be quiet. No more excuses. Prefer the silence.

It isn’t fair to you. Nor is it fair to me. These inventions become burdens. I’d rather you hurt me with the truth than be fooled by fabrications.

We dig a hole, every lie we tell. It is a habit you must dispel. They make us restless. They are insincere. If you lie once, you’ll do it again. Then comes a reputation you can’t defend.

No one will tell you, but everyone knows. They’ll call you Pinocchio without the nose. You keep on lying. They’ll keep on talking. Everyone will say you can’t be trusted. 

Rely on the truth no matter the conflict. If you do wrong, clear the air. Better to be brave than give in to fear.

Speak truth. Speak the truth. If they don’t want to hear it, say it anyway. Or on your conscience, it will weigh.