I have this feeling that we tend to regard positive people as gentle, sweet,  and perhaps naive. We speak of optimistic people with a connotation of relative weakness. 

But what can be stronger than a positive human being? 

Positive people are willing to fight against all the negative currents of life. 

Where the rest of us collapse into our complaints, overwhelmed by the stresses of life, they keep on pushing, they don’t give up. No matter how bleak things may seem, they continue to believe in the bright side of things.

Take it easy on yourself and keep on trying. You are exactly where you need to be. 

Start with gratitude that you get to try one more time. You will overcome pessimism, doubt and insecurity. Keep on shining the light of positivity.

It’s not time to get down on yourself. 

Are you not still alive, do you not get to make the best of a bad situation? Attitude is your first reaction to any encounter. Make yours positive. Besides, what would you gain from the alternatives?

Check that you have not trained your gut reaction into the habits of fear. 

There is always more to difficulties than they initially seem. They come bearing lessons, they summon you to a challenge that you are very well equipped to manage. No matter their scope, but only if you can be positive. 

So take a deep breath.

There is no competition with anyone but yourself. 

Your family and friends love you. Choose their affection over the criticism of those that do not take the time to understand you.

You have made it this far. And I am sure you have overcome plenty to get to where you are. Be happy, you are capable of prevailing, over and over again. Give yourself time to recharge and enjoy. Be positive.

You don’t need the regrets. The sadness doesn’t serve you. 

The anger is never worth it. Cruel isn’t what you were meant to be. 

Bitter is beneath you. Hate weakens you. 

Jealousy robs you. 

Misery subdues you. 

Anxiety Is not bringing you any nearer to goals and dreams. 

Don’t rush, everything you want in this world is coming to you, bring them closer with a smile, constant effort and a positive mindset.

As one of my favorite quotes says, if you want to be happy, then be.