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the vote is your money
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Every dollar counts if you aren’t too lazy to pay attention. As much as I have heard that the dollar is your vote, I have wondered. This is a semi-long way of telling you to be mindful of those places where you spend your money. Every dollar counts if you aren’t too lazy to pay attention. Politics and money are directly connected. But this especially is a question posed to you, because as much as I have heard that the dollar is your vote, I have wondered.

thomas jefferson quotes money society“Never spend your money before you have earned it.” — THOMAS JEFFERSON


Voting is supposed to be our voice in society. It is. When we choose our representatives, we are choosing servants that ought to work for our interests. These servants are supposed to create legislation that promotes a free and healthy nation.


We, citizens, and our chief concerns are expected to be the primary preoccupation of these lawmakers who achieved their seat by promising solutions to our problems. But most of us would admit that those in power selfishly tend to their pockets and personal relationships, leaving the rest of us helpless. Are we capable of influencing… anything? Don’t we vote?


People like me will always say, You have the power to change the world. You can do it. Get involved! But let’s face it, sometimes the challenges ahead of us seem way too daunting, especially for the average person.


Joining a protest, organizing a rally, spreading a message for the betterment of the world while more direct responsibilities await us at home is difficult. Bills, kids, school, work, etc.


Most people never realize that they can be a part of a movement without making drastic changes. You don’t even have to donate. You just have to decide who gets the money you were going to spend anyway.


barck obama quotes money society“You now have the potential of 200 people deciding who ends up being elected president every single time.” — BARACK OBAMA


Who deserves your hard earned dollar, the company that forces farmers to live on meagre wages or the company that donates a significant portion of its profits to your community. Your impact begins with knowing, but who has the time to do all that research? Is it then our fault? Are we too lazy to fix our society by ourselves, trusting in those who have no interest in our well-being every four years?


But don’t worry I am on your side. I promise, bear with me.


It took for my move to Europe to understand how outrageous it is that most many people in the United States live in food deserts. They have no access to the fresh food that I so easily enjoy today.


I am much healthier since moving to Spain. Plus I know that to combat the poison pumped into our food by way of preservatives, the least I can do is weaken the companies that contribute to the global health scare. Every dollar I spend on more organic food is a weak point made. And everyone that joins me adds to a movement.


Every time you buy a Louis Vuitton purse, you are essentially saying, this brand represents who I am. I support the impact that this company is having on the world. Thus, when you purchase clothes made in your native country, you are saying, I support companies that contribute directly to the growth of local employment.


You boycott shoes made in sweatshops, and you are taking a stand. But damn it! Can you afford not to jump in with the latest trend, for the sake of some children you have never met? Better not to research, ignorance is bliss. Worse, knowledge is work.


But now my question, well the question. Is your dollar enough to influence change?


After all, there is only one you, and you have all these excuses ready to explain why you just can’t give a damn right now. I am with you. I could never afford consistently shopping at stores opened by neighbours. Saving money is smart, so I continued to buy from Walmart, willingly weakening the entrepreneurs of my community. Money talks and I have never had a lot of it. Have I been doing the right thing?


More questions. If the places we spend our money is a crucial point of influence for the everyday man, how can our dollar be spent to promote gender and race equality in society? I am not sure. How does spending your money wisely ensure that your Mayor will increase the number of extracurricular activities in your zone school?


jim rohn quotes money society“Money is usually attracted, not pursued.” — JIM ROHN


They say death and taxes are inevitable. If the government gets to enjoy your money how they see fit, why shouldn’t you? Buying a third iPhone instead of settling for the same screen two years in a row is a cultural requirement after all.


So what am I asking you to do, start a revolution? No. I’d only like that you answer some questions.


Because the places we spend our money have a limited effect, is that enough for us not to try?


Let’s face it, elections today are a sham. We are told that we make a difference every few years when in fact we make a difference every single day. We vote every day, and the results of the election are evident in the stock market.


The companies that lobby our government’s selfish legislature, they can be wounded by committing to driving dollars away from their bottom line. But it takes plenty of work, and then you would need others to follow you. Or do you need to do you need to spend conscientiously for your conscience?


nelson mandela quotes money society“Money won’t create success. The freedom to make it will.” — NELSON MANDELA


Acting starts with educating yourself, the power the lies in your wallet. Or does it?



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