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Our Message:

Our message is one of passion.

Kristina and I choose to believe a wise old man when he said, “my life is my message.” Yours too.

A lived message is the public advertising of your beliefs. Not for the sake of fame but for the sake for family. For the legacy of who you chose to be in this world.

Your message is your claim of control over your life. We all have the power. And in a way, that is why this website was important to Kristina and I. Our message is to remind people, especially you.

Our message is simple. Follow your passion. Find it. Trust it. Make no excuses and go for it.

We want you to make that decision. Make a pledge to commit to an adventure of fulfilment. We know the road will be tricky, that's why we are here. Join us and allow us to support you along the way.
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We think that each person is born with the responsibility of making sense of this world. Making meaning from our surroundings is such a time consuming effort. Obligations to loved ones, stresses of daily life; the managing of work relationships; we are pulled in so many directions, some of us forget to concentrate on ourselves.

Time to make your life mean what you want it to. Make your message.

Bayo and I believe we are all in it together. And if we work together, we can actually make a heaven on Earth. Speaking neither vaguely nor esoterically,  our message is actually quite practical. We believe that finding all the right solutions to all of our problems will require all of our contributions.

We can give our best. How we chose to give our best. In a way that is both considerate to those around us and empathetic to those far away.

You’ve heard the message. The mission is unity and education. The vision is ours to share and work for. Come with us.

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The more we know, there more we can do. At the same time, the more we commit ourselves to a passion, the happier we are. But for any of this to work, we have to be willing to listen as much as we are excited to teach. Kindness and compassion are a much more difficult sermon to preach in a world of inequality and personal struggles. But this is exactly what Kristina and I wish to dedicate our lives to. By living passionately, we hope the nuggets of knowledge we discover on the journey of our lives serve a purpose.

B&K mag didn't happen overnight. We learn from suffering, but we adapted the attitude of positivity. For the greater good, and through the lesser now we will give our best.

Guided by the help of many incredible people, we felt safe in the pursuit of things we love to do. I came to Spain in 2015 with the name ‘Bonds and Kindness’ rolling around my head. I knew what it meant and nothing else. Then I met Kristina. She heard the name and knew exactly what it could become. She believed in us and what it would take to achieve a simple goal, publish this website. It has been one tremendous ride. And we are here now. Hi. Whatever happens from here on out is a blessing and we will always appreciate that.

From arriving in Spain to meeting Kristina. From working on building a fulfilling relationship, to sharing a dream with your significant other. This website journals our story. But instead of telling you, we’d rather show you our journey.

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We spent two years improving specific skills. We dedicate ourselves to writing, graphic design, art, videos and in the future, merchandising. At B&K Mag, our personal self-improvement and discovery are translated into fun and useful articles.

We are delighted at the possibility of creating infographics you may find pretty, cool, or informative.

"I love working next to Kristina when she is designing an article cover. She also happens to have an impressive eye for photography. Plus I have to compliment her video editing skills. None of this would be same without her drive. But the point is, we are both committed to exploring every way we can be there for you."- Bayo.

It doesn't matter how many times you hear it, it still takes you going on your personal journey to realize it. To internalize it. You can understand it conceptually. But you need to feel it. And you need to. Possibly in your bones.

Our philosophy is Bonds and kindness. Your purpose.

You are bound to a promise to self, one of personal achievement. You will not go down without a fight. You will achieve through the practice of your unique talent/talents. An oath. Your word.

Your word is your Bond.

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To break a bond will only lead to regrets. Use your time wisely, self-improve and discover. Become more proficient at the things you enjoy, develop your connection with people. Scan your experiences for mistakes. Become the best version of yourself, in any way you choose. B&K Mag is simply a place to pop by for a fresh perspective.

Our goal is to share everything we are learning with you. Travel with us, grow with us, or simply read up on a bunch of quotes. The plan is to create a carefree escape which leaves you feeling rewarded and rejuvenated. Well, the real plan is really to build a sustainable brand devoted to inspiring people. But shh! Don’t tell anyone. Still feel free to spread the word. We won't be able to arrive at our dreams without your push. Even though lately it has been feeling more like the dream began a long time ago, certainly in Valencia.  

Well, alrighty then! It's been a lovely chat. At the end of the day, Kristina and I are just two people, asking you to join us. Let’s see where this message leads.

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Brought to you by Bayo& Kristina
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