The mind can’t help thinking.

Just like the ear can’t choose what sounds to listen to. Most of our lives are automated, not solely on a biological level but also in how we lead our lives. 

We tend to feel out of control because we never stop to make time for ourselves, to ease our mind.  

But though we may not always be in control of our thoughts,  we can choose to not get carried away by them. 

Yep! Yep! You have heard it before, meditation is the key to the most amazing life ever! All you have to do is close your eyes and breath. So why do we find it difficult to meditate?

We tell ourselves we’ll do it in an hour but that hour turns into a week. It is not our fault really, something is always coming up. 

Something always seems more important than sitting still for ten minutes. 

You name it, everything else seems more important than meditating. So we deny ourselves a chance to feel present. We don’t allow ourselves to recharge. Such a waste.

The alertness you enjoy after meditating has a caffeine-kick-feel to it. Smoother and deeper, without the inevitable crash. We make better decisions. We are less angry. We feel confident, like we belong in the world. Difficulties can’t convince me otherwise. Difficulties can’t get to you because meditation teaches you how to stay above the stress.

Then there are those that use meditation as a tool to get through hardship. Once the ordeals are overcome, they give up the practice. Unfortunate.

It should be enough that of its innumerable benefits, meditation is a mind decluttering mechanism. One that allows you to be better for the people around you. 

They say during meditation you sink into yourself, into an unlimited source of bliss. 

Try it? There is something unlimited in you alright, close your eyes. Do it now. Take a deep breath. Tank another deep one. And two more deep breaths. Expect nothing and let go.

It is also known that meditation boost creativity. It nurtures intelligence. I delaying the practice, you deny yourself the chance to have more fulfilling relationships, to be more intuitive and reach your full potential.