Before you think, ‘not me! I am fine by myself.’ Let me ask you. 

How long could you go without your smartphone? 

If the internet were taken away from you, for a week, would you enjoy the company of being by yourself? Probably not. 

You can’t blame boredom. It’s deeper than that.

Many of us can’t stand the silence of loneliness. Regrets come rushing into our minds. All those things we shouldn’t have done start to cripple us. You may even start muttering a few words to yourself as the internal dialogue starts to spill out of your brain. 

How do we know? Because it happens to everyone.

More and more of us are finding it difficult to manage the problems in our lives. Much worse, we struggle to identify what the problem is. It’s much easier to live in the company of people. But take some time for yourself.

Decide to figure out who you really are. Learn the values you cherish. See how you would like to grow as a person and what you’d like to achieve.

As for all those memories that haunt you, give yourself a break. Take the same advice you would give your best friend.

Take it one step at a time but know that you are a work in progress. 

You are your own masterpiece. You are your religion. Embrace who you are.