When do we finally stop to comprehend that the Earth is just another speck of a vast universe, that all we have is each other? We may as well take care of one another as best we can. We should Live Life with Compassion.


What will it take to bring the world together? What will it take for all of us to realize that skin colour is determined by a difference in pigmentation and not humanity? How do we convince the wealthiest among us that the poor deserve our empathy an attention, that we are only as strong as the weakest among us? What will it take for us to respect all religions, treating our diversity as strengths rather than excuses for conflict?

Compassion is the key.


But plenty of us forget to love ourselves. For that reason, we are overly critical of our circumstances. Worse, we regard the struggles of others without compassion.


thich nhat hanh quotes compassion“Compassion is a verb.” ― THICH NHAT HANH



Compassion Starts with a Love of Self. But it is Tough.

Do you live in the present? Or do you live in regret and self-doubt? Being able to love the world around you, will always begin with learning how to forgive and love yourself. So do that.

The compassion that will change the world will come from your heart. But it must first infect you completely. Then you will be able to spread it to those around you.

Does the fact that you do not have the same material things as those you envy eat away at you? What is meant for you will be. You don’t get what you want through envy of what you lack but through gratitude for what you do have.  Be compassionate with yourself. Take it easy on yourself. Let your stress go.

Do you resent your upbringing because if only were it a bit different, you could do more? Breathe! You are alive! And what that means is that as long as you have time, you can use your pats to ould your future. Show yourself some compassion. Be patient.

Do you look at your place in life and want to hide from yourself? What would you say to a best friend that felt the same way?

We urge you to take some time out for yourself. Because as much advice as you seek, and as much as you will get, you are the only one that will ever truly understand your tribulations. You have to find your strength in the things you believe. Trust hope. Stand against resentment and closed-mindedness. You will eventually become the person you wish to be despite your obstacles. 

On this planet, no event happens in without the cause and effect of external stimuli. If you stopped to examine your life, you would understand why every decision you have made was the best you could do in that situation. Stop blaming yourself. Learn to know better in order to do better.

No one is a complete lost cause and starting from right now you can create the legacy you desire, but you have to let go of the painful thoughts that pin you back. We know you are fighting a hard battle.

We compassion won´t always come easily but we know you have what it takes.


eric hoffer quotes compassion“Compassion is the antitoxin of the soul: where there is compassion even the most poisonous impulses remain relatively harmless.” — ERIC HOFFER


Compassion Requires Your  Effort

It doesn´t take much for us to be pulled back into our cold and cynical perspectives. Compassion requires your commitment and effort.

Make compassion a habit until it becomes your reflex. Fortune and the blessings of the world tend to find us much quicker when we are kind to others.

Stay away from the rationale that numbs you to the suffering of others. Be curious. 

Maintain your intellectual stamina by engaging the proposed solutions of who shape the society we live in.

Compassion is not a lazy or passive perspective. More of us ought to challenge the logic of today´s ideas with a compassionate view.  That is is how the world starts to change when we begin to ask the right questions. After we have examined our method of thinking and considered real consequences to everyday people. 

For example, Ben Shapiro often repeats, “facts do not care about your feelings.” But then he sets up a way of thinking that is devoid of emotion, “black people are being held back because their parents aren’t doing a good enough job.” Sure. some African American parents are too poor to provide. Plus let’s face it, in the United States, African Americans are a class subjected to a system and history of oppression.

If we simply accept Ben Shapiro’s correct analysis, without considering that African American families face challenges which Shapiro can only understand academically, we fail to dig deeper into causes the social and economic pandemic of the urban communities. By the way, plenty of Caucasian families face similar problems.  It’s unfair to attribute the failure of society to one race of people. And what is Shapiro really saying? IT is their fault, their problem. Let them figure it out on their own. Let’s hope he never becomes President. 

We need compassion if we to truly achieve progress, together. And that is a direct message to Mr Shapiro who repeats, “I am trying to find solutions.”

If others refuse to embrace compassion, the rest of us have the responsibility to work towards inspiring it.

So again, first treat yourself with love and care, then extend that courtesy to your fellow man. It is the only way forward.

Like Che Guevara, a homophobic, racist, revolutionary who was unafraid to murder for his ideals finally realized, “the only answer is a great revolution lead by love.” Spread it, from within.


karen armstrong quotes compassion“Compassion is practically acquired knowledge, like dancing. You must do it and practice diligently day by day.” — KAREN ARMSTRONG


The End of Today’s Problems Begins with Compassion

More compassion equals less inequality. Understanding the perspective of others and treating them like you would a loved one would solve most of the world’s problems. Yet here we are, in a world far from perfect, able to make a severe impact if only we allowed ourselves to be guided by an element of our existence, compassion.

We were watching the Cosmos series on Netflix and imagined a fatal asteroid making its way to destroy the Earth. We wondered if that would cause all of us, to for once, put our differences aside to save ourselves. Perhaps not, perhaps we would continue to feud, using our lasts seconds to think selfishly. 



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