We ask you to trust your gut, use your wit and follow your heart. Your world is yours, master experience, it is up to you to bring you substance.  

Believe in miracles, you are one. Give your life meaning until you are gone.


What you call luck is a gentle reminder. Help will come when you are in danger. 

The heavens remain, by your side, actually no. They were always inside. To let it all out, be engaged, write your story on destiny’s page. 

Take charge of your life and  we swear it, everything you need, the universe permits. They envy us but they love us too, otherwise we’d be extinct.


Try one more time or you will never know. The best part of life is overcoming your woes. 

And aren’t you tired of turning your back. You don’t find a worthy life on the easy track.

Summon strength, draw on courage. Give your best one more crack. It may take time but the reward will come. Most of your idols rose from slums.


Let me help you with the knowledge you need, this is advice that you must heed. 

That instance you most want to quit, is exactly when we must be of the willing spirit. 

Too many of us lack the commitment of grit. Fall in love with your goals and never split. Positive and relentless, attitudes we must transmit.


Be a person of integrity, joy and principle. You will experience life on it’s best level.


Be a better human being, everyday. There is a light in you, show us your rays.


There is magic in words, watch your thoughts and be careful of all the things you say. The world brings the experience of what you display. 

Remember, never let your character stray. For the best things in life, you can’t pay.


Stop being afraid, pessimism is easy. Be brave today, pave your own way.


Give your best, the universe expects it. Trust your good, it won’t be rejected.


When life winds up with a new challenges. Make sure to ask all the right questions. How you choose to see the world, makes your world. Spring forth your potential, don’t remain pressed, bound up and curled.


But most of all, you have to let go. Relax and believe you are not alone. 

If you want to reach anywhere, the events of our life will take you there. But not on your time. So enjoy the ride. Appreciate the encouragement of your victories, you are the maker of life’s beauties. Learn from your mistakes, bounce off heartache. 


Back to reality. It may seem random, but nothing is an accident. There are no coincidences. React well. It is all linked, every event in every moment. It is we who do not understand, the causes of the effects we live. You must give yourself meaning, you don’t do that by remaining passive.


When it’s all said and done, we hope your life was an incredible experience.