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The Key to Your Preparation

the key to preparation
Read Carefully

Once you are successful, people will ask you how your fate came to be so. Instinctually you will detail the highlights, your effort, your obstacles and even those along the way that gave you a hand. A standard answer. Though not the whole story.


And if ever you go over the more boring details, the years wasted doing nothing on a couch, the endless doubt and emptiness you first had to overcome, very few will take the time to reflect on how your experience reflects their current predicament. Still, the truth is that even your years of uncertainty and inaction are preparing you for the moment you realize a goal that is worth your potential.


Thus, the larger truth, you are always preparing. Whether you know it or not. But it is time for you to prepare with purpose.


After reading this, you are no longer allowed to sit idle while your life passes you by because you will only reach a dream by actively pursuing it. Your failures are much-needed lessons, and your successes are reminders that you are on the right path, neither more important than the other but a failure to prepare is preparation to fail and the time for lazy preparation is over once you are made the wiser.


Who can blame you for feeling disillusioned in a helpless and frantic world? Who can hold it against you that your envy of others, ate away ate your enthusiasm and made you bitter? Who dares judge you for taking too long to get it right? No one. But you will regret plenty if you do not begin to prepare for your greatness. And preparation looks a whole lot like hard work, focus, humility, and a firm commitment. Start making every moment count.


Start doing for your goals. You never know when the results will show up, but you can bet that your objectives will never come to fruition without practice. So get to it!


I have had sleepless nights regretting that I wasted thousands of dollars on and an idea that I quickly gave up at the first obstacle. No, that they were great ideas but that I should never have begun them in the first place and I would now be able to afford a few months more of rent, a year’s worth to be exact. But that waste prepared me to be more prudent with money.


I have often regretted the time I spent partying and fraternizing in college when I could have been working on projects with professors, especially one who hinted at offering me a job after graduating. But now I have learned to value my time, to be as productive as I can with the one element of our existence that we all share equally and never get back.

I have even regretted ex-girlfriends and how those relationships should never have begun in the first place. And because of that, I made sure to understand who I am and what I seek in a companion, making Kristina the ideal woman for me.


Stop allowing your life to be an accident that is happening to you, make it a preparation for something you will be proud of. Every single second, starting now.


You must learn from your regrets, allow them to prepare you. Do not let them follow you into the next day because as long as you are alive and have a firm objective in mind, you can always do something about your desires.

Preparing for your Dream

Heed, all your preparation can be for nothing if you are not striving for something which connects to your very core. We aren’t talking about ordinary goals or hobbies. We refer to your meaning!


Find a goal that means everything to you, envision your eulogy and a legacy worth preparing for. It will make work much more worthwhile. Understand why you want these accomplishments and treasure what your contribution will mean for those you love. To prepare earnestly, you will need a commitment that serves as a reminder that is glued to your very nature. Once you have this, you are ready. So begin.


If you want to travel, make it happen. Start researching. Start saving. Start practising new languages.


If you want to start a business. Learn about business plans. Watch youtube videos of other entrepreneurs. Start networking. Understand the value you want to create and dedicate your life to your dream. Start preparing now.


Without preparation, you have no foundation.


Success doesn’t arrive as you schedule it. It only shows up when you have prepared sufficiently, and for this reason, you can never give up. You must see every hurdle as an opportunity to get better.


Inch by inch, day by day, make progress. Cherish the little steps.


The reason you haven’t reached your goal is that you have not gone through enough turmoil for it, so plow through the walls that stand in your way and never forget what it took to push on. To live your dream, you must be worthy of your dream. That takes sacrifice and character. Prepare never to stop.


As long as you are trying your best you are preparing. And when you least expect it, that is when opportunity will come, but it will pass you by if you aren’t prepared. So do what it takes to make your dreams happen, prepare.


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