Plato says, “be kind for every man is fighting a hard battle.”


We all go through our difficulties and seek escape, enjoyment from life. But some of us make our pleasures a priority, forsaking our potential. We choose to do what is easy-and-fun, instead of what is necessary-and-useful. We choose to procrastinate because responsibility isn’t always easy, or fun.


We offer ourselves so many reasons for postponing the sacrifices which ought to make to improve our lives. You ought to choose to do what is necessary-and-useful. You live once, might as well make the best of today.


You only live once. Might as well make the best decisions you can.



Time you learn to appreciate the importance of discipline:

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Discipline is doing the work despite your mood. It’s the bringer of your goals and dreams. Without discipline, greatness is never achieved.B&K Mag. reveals 5 powerful truths that´ll inspire you to live a more self-disciplined life.


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1. Self-Discipline Forces You to Be a Rational Decision Maker


Importance of self discipline-decision maker


[dropcap]A[/dropcap]t some point, you are going to have to grow up and overcome short-term temptations. Might as well start making sound long-term decisions. Self-discipline is a choice, nothing more. It is the decision of how you use your time, right now. So, will you delay gratification? Can you set aside what is easy-and-fun, for what is necessary-and-useful? Can you be rational?


The problem we all share is time. Time is both the generous friend who allows us to build the lives of our future, as it is the enemy that punishes us for procrastinating. Waste time, lack discipline, and there is no going back. You are forever stuck with the consequences of your actions, or better yet inaction.


It just takes one viral video on Facebook to start the itch for another one on Instagram. Suddenly you may find yourself clicking on a few links to your favourite blogs. The promise always starts out the same, “just one or two posts on Reddit.” But one or two posts, become an hour or two of wasted time.


“Just one more,” becomes a chant, until you end up on youtube.


Can you beat the urge of instant gratification? Can you start to make rational decisions in your life?


Choose productivity over procrastination. Once again, choose necessary-and-useful, over easy-and-fun.


You can feel it building up, and it’s almost as if there is no controlling it, that eagerness for more easy-and-fun gratification. But choosing easy-and-fun isn’t rational, it’s just easy-and-fun.


Add value to your life. Give discipline a chance. Make the rational choice.



2. Self-Discipline Is the Mastery (Conquering) of the Self


Importance of self discipline-mastery



Discipline is a contest of will. Conquer your biology.


Dopamine: In the brain, dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter—a chemical released by neurons (nerve cells) to send signals to other nerve cells. The brain includes several distinct dopamine pathways, one of which plays a major role in the motivational component of reward-motivated behavior. The anticipation of most types of rewards increases the level of dopamine in the brain.



Every time you make a choice, your brain calculates the potential reward of your intended action. Dopamine is released allowing you to perceive the more gratifying option. For example, let’s pretend you were faced with a choice between receiving $1000.00 today or waiting six months to receive $3000.00, here is how biology influences your decision.


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The Simplified Battle of Choice – Dopamine vs Self-Discipline


1. You are offered 1 (Instant Gratification)
2. You are offered Choice 2 (Delayed Gratification)
3. Dopamine begins to rise in anticipation – nudging you either towards Choice 1 or Choice 2
4. When you think of Choice 1, dopamine is sent toward the corner of the brain affiliated with instant gratification.
5. When you think of Choice 2, dopamine is transmitted toward the corner of the brain affiliated with delayed gratification.
6. The delivery time and size of the reward are considered by both the instant gratification and delayed gratification brain.
7. The part of the brain that happens to be the most energized by dopamine is the winner.


The problem comes when you let the instant gratification side of you become the winner, too often. You make easy-and-fun a habit. You strengthen the neuropathways and force dopamine to become too familiar with easy-and-fun reward, rarely experiencing the benefits of delayed gratification.


You may continue to follow the dopamine path of by easy-and-fun, or you may opt for a rush of fulfilment, pleasure and pride that is the result of self-discipline.



3. Self-Discipline Is the Key to Knowing Who You Are


Importance of self discipline-who you are


Plato also said, “The first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself; to be conquered by yourself is of all things most shameful and vile.”


Yes, we all face a hard battle. The common denominator of the human experience is pain. Some choose to make the most of it. You can be one of these remarkable individuals.


And we have a feeling the fact that you’re reading this right now means you already have what it take to be self-disciplined. You only need to practice what you already know to be the truth, which is “you have a responsibility to yourself. To make something impressive out of yourself – or not.”


You are either going to do what it takes to discover how great you are, or you will maintain bad habits until it is too late. Your choice, self-discovery or self-deterioration.


Detach yourself from distractions – If social media is the reason you can’t seem to get work done, then delete the source of your excuse. Always remember, discipline and sacrifice are an inseparable pair. Choosing to do what is best for your future, will require you to forsake what is easy-and-fun right now.


Only when you can shed your attachment to distractions will you be able to discover your true self. Self-discipline asks you to choose actions that you won’t regret. It asks you to choose acts that represent who you aspire to be.


Be disciplined out of curiosity, to see what you are capable of.



4. Self-discipline Creates Opportunity


Importance of self discipline-opportunity



Self-discipline is the key to your bet future. Show restraint.


Some people have the discipline to do the hard and painful things that achieve success. We know the names of these icons because we revel in their stories.


If Henry Ford made as many excuses as the rest of us, who knows where the world would be today? After his many failures, if he hadn’t remained disciplined, we may have lost a fabric of western civilization, mass production. The difference between the greatness of historical figures and your life today is simple and obvious – discipline.


Think of the type of self-discipline needed to unite a nation that is hell-bent on tearing itself apart. If Nelson Mandela hadn’t stayed the course, an entire nation would be missing its father.


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Think about the discipline it takes to make the unthinkable happen. Madame CJ Walker was the first female millionaire. She also happened to be a black woman living through the extreme racism of the United States. Imagine if she thought, “well I can’t be rich because they hang people like me and not even a white woman has ever made so much money.”


These human beings (like yourself) were able to create opportunity where there was none. On some level, they accepted the importance of self-discipline. They embodied self-discipline and you can too.


You are going to have to decide if you have what it takes. Start now. Which goal are you willing to commit to today? What sacrifice can you make right now?



5. Discipline Prevents Regret


Importance of self discipline-regret


The higher the sacrifice, the higher the reward. But first comes discipline.


Discipline trains your mind to consider the big picture. Quite often we realize that we’ve failed to apply effort into crucial aspects of our lives only when we are already suffering the consequences of inaction.


Never forget there’s a dark place waiting for those who consistently choose easy and fun over necessary and useful. That dark place is regret. It catches up with all procrastinators.

Working on your relationships, fixing those which require attention, taking care of your health, turning your life around, focusing on a career, or chasing a dream, these are examples of significant life events that many of us fail to tend to until it’s too late.


You can age with regret, or you can choose discipline and look back on regret. The sacrifices of self-discipline you make today will give you pride tomorrow.


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The Final Word of Self-Discipline


You either want to get a job, or you don’t. You either quit smoking, or you don’t. You either stop gambling, or you don’t. You either live your dream our you don’t. In between what is and what ought to be is discipline.


You will beat that addiction. You will save that amount of money. You will lose the weight. You will have the body you have always wanted. You will become someone you admire. You can do it all. But first, you have to choose discipline. Discover who you are and what you are capable of, why not? Surprise yourself with an accomplishment. Use today, right now to begin turning your back on the regrets of tomorrow. And then make self-discipline a habit.


Anyone can do anything once. The real challenge is making discipline a habit.