Welcome to the ultimate guide for how to stop worrying. Ths article is written for you. Today, we help you escape your loop of fear. Today, you become a warrior. Say goodbye to the worrier.

What do you do when you worry too much?



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B&K Mag. presents the seven tips for becoming a more confident person:

be a warrior not a warrior



1. How to Stop Worrying – Confidence Through Discipline


Overcome worry with discipline

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e ought to ask ourselves, is it that our dreams are impossible, or is it more likely we find it too difficult to change?

You are a warrior if you keep fighting when everything in you feels like giving up. You are a worrier if you are continuously throwing yourself a pity party.

Many of us are yet to come to terms with a hard truth. Discipline is a habit of doing what needs to be done, despite your mood. You are disciplined after a push through all those hesitations and excuses.

Stop worrying. Be consistent, even on your bad days.

In those moments when you try your best despite how defeated you feel, regardless of how disinterested you are, that is when you are a warrior.

You are feeling down, you get up anyway. You turn your back on complacency. You make action automatic. You stop worrying.

Be disciplined. The warrior’s way. The B&K way.

How to stop overthinking – Control Worry

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Discipline is continuing to act despite fear and anxiety. Stay disciplined as you self-improve and overcome worry.

Stop those obsessive thoughts from becoming a chronic problem. To overcome worry is to manage it well. We want to help you stay disciplined by reminding you of your power over worry.


1. Use Positive Thinking to Challenge Worry

Change your attitude. Choose how you react to the world around you. You will give yourself less to worry about in the future if you make the right decisions and reactions today. Be positive.

2. Get to understand your worry triggers

What makes you react with worry?

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every reaction, there is an equal and opposite action – An vital extension of Newton’s Third Law.

Start to understand the source of your worries. How did they come to be? And what can you do about them?

To clarify – As opposed to asking why something happened to you, try to understand how it happened to you and how you will make the best out of the situation.

3. Be patient with Yourself

By far, the most common waste of time is impatience. Worrying is choosing to spend your time(an irreplaceable resource) on events that may not happen. Worrying is wanting to live in imagined stress as opposed to real fulfilment. Give things their time. You don’t need any solution right now. Just keep doing your best and stop worrying about expectations. Be patient.

4. Trust your Affirmations

They say seeing is believing but sometimes believing leads to seeing. Believe you will overcome your worries and eventually you will start to see the evidence that you have. It is one of those cosmic coincidences, everything you believe, you see. Tell yourself every day, “I am a warrior. Not a worrier.”




2. How to Stop Worrying – Give Yourself More Credit


Give yoursef more credit stop worrying


If you have spent your past undervaluing yourself as a worrier would, you may as well restore balance to your life like a warrior. Demand more from your future.

Believe in more than you think you are worth. The most accurate analysis you will ever give yourself – I am capable of anything.

You are not defined by your limits. You define your limits. Explode with passion. No worries.

How to take it easy on yourself

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1. Gratitude

Take time to recognize aspects of your life you can be grateful for. Think about it long enough and you will find memories of laughter, love and joy. Be thankful.

2. Be your best friend

What would you say to a best friend? Would you agree that they are a failure? Or would you be compassionate and considerate

3. Get off social media

Stop comparing your whole life with the highlights of others. A magical moment isn’t determined by the number of likes, it is determined by what you make of it

4. Meditation

One way or another, we are going to have to include mediation as a part of popular culture, but for now, it is a cause. Those who meditate are better able to focus their attention on things that matter to them, away from their worries.

5. Relax

Too many of us do not live in the present. We always worry about things that have happened in the past, or what things that could happen in the future. Instead of enjoying our lives, we are stuck in our opinions of our thoughts of the past or future. Be present. Relax.


3. How to Stop Worrying – Lighten Your Load


lighten your load stop worrying


Being busy isn’t the same as being happy, and it certainly isn’t the same as being productive.

Too many of us end up devoting our time to activities which take us backwards as opposed to advancing our ambitions. Maybe you are better off giving 100% to one project at work as opposed to volunteering for all three. It is an error of human reasoning to believe activity equates to productivity.

Most people plan their day looking to add more tasks to their checklist. Focus only on what is essential. Don’t worry about the rest. Choose to be great at a few things every day, as opposed to being average at many things. Take a load off.

Trim the fat from your schedule. You don’t get more done because you are doing more. Stress subtracts from quality. Budget your time. Work smarter. Enjoy some alone time.

To be a warrior requires purposeful focus, not an overwhelming routine. Use your spare time to pamper the warrior in you.

Four Productive Uses of Your Spare Time

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1. Exercise

Move around. Having a mind that is strong enough to avid worry depends on a body that is active.

American Psychological Association – “Exercise is something that psychologists have been very slow to attend to,” agrees Michael Otto, PhD, a professor of psychology at Boston University. “People know that exercise helps physical outcomes. There is much less awareness of mental health outcomes — and much, much less ability to translate this awareness into exercise action.”

2. Meditation

You know that calm you feel after taking a deep breath, multiply that by as many as you’d like. That is meditation. Give your mind a rest. But meditation is like exercise, the more you do, the better you get at it. The stronger you are. Soon you’ll be able to accept and watch worry go.

3. Hobbies

We all like doing something, whether it’s reading, driving, sports, video games, you name it, you do it. Disconnect with your hobbies, give your mind a chance to clear itself. Practice getting better at something you like, your personal project.

4. Nature

The more often you can escape into nature, the more rejuvenated you will feel.

Positive Psychology Program – According to proponents of environmental psychology, spending time in nature rather than human-made environments has three positive effects: Reduced stress, Improved mood and Improved cognitive performance.


4. How to Stop Worrying – Ride the Ups and Downs of Life


ride ups and downs stop worrying


Setbacks will come. But suffering through them is optional. Where a worrier worries, the warrior acts. The warrior starts by thinking of how to make the best of challenges.

To the competitive: Let injury be a reason to rebuild, to be stronger and more tenacious.

To the dreamer: Trust your vision to find a way out, believe in your work ethic to see you through.

To the rest of us: Let what is past be past. Let what is done be done. You are a warrior, keep marching forward.

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The one fantastic quality of human life is that we change our entire world with the slight adjustment of our attitudes. See yourself through the perspective of a warrior. Go from wherever you are with delightful defiance to failure.

When you face challenging situations, say to yourself, “I am a warrior, not a worrier.”


5. How to Stop Worrying – Stop Procrastinating


Stop procrastinanting stop worrying


The act of ‘Not-Worrying’ doesn’t happen on the couch.

Just about everyone knows what needs to be done to leave their worries behind. But for some reason, we wait for the nervous pressure of the approaching deadline.

Warriors don’t procrastinate. They get to it.

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You’ll achieve your goals, but you don’t prepare for it when you feel like it. You get to it. Immediately! If you have to do something eventually, might as well get it over with now.

Humbly accept that there is someone out there willing to outwork you. Procrastination is a decision: Either you intend to be a hard worker or you choose to let someone else outwork you.

Stop worrying, later might as well be never.


6. How to Stop Worrying – Rest


rest to stop worrying



Get some sleep – enough sleep.

Eat for a healthy body and a sound mind, sleep to take full advantage of your peak. You’d be surprised how much food can affect stress levels.

The hustle that doesn’t sleep is the hustle that’s dead. Sleep is smart. We enjoy the rest.

We like allowing our bodies to recover from a hard day’s work. We thrive on the rejuvenation of our willpower, and we execute with greater proficiency when our intensity is not drained. A warrior knows there is no weakness in rest.

Can you perform like a champion if your body is about to break down? No. Rest.

You might as well not try to do your best if you aren’t getting enough sleep. Plus, you don’t get awards for sapping your body of energy while relying on caffeine pills. There are no plaques for that.

What you will, however, be remembered for is giving a hundred per cent. If you believe you strive for your goals with fresh enthusiasm when you are not fighting drowsiness, then get some shut-eye. It is the warrior’s way.

It can feel like there is so much to worry about these days. In 2017, Chapman University released its 4th annual Survey of American Fears.

The 2017 survey shows that the top 10 things Americans fear the most are:

1) Corruption of government officials (same top fear as 2015 and 2016)
2) American Healthcare Act/Trumpcare
3) Pollution of oceans, rivers and lakes
4) Pollution of drinking water
5) Not having enough money in the future
6) High medical bills
7) The U.S. will be involved in another world war
8) Global warming and climate change
9) North Korea using weapons
10) Air pollution


7. How to Stop Worrying – Have Faith in Yourself 


Have faith in yourself stop worrying


You have every right to believe in yourself. You are a warrior. Those in your life who have always known best, do not necessarily understand it all. Be you, don’t give in to the doubt of others. Stop worrying. You are capable of more than you can imagine.

That person you are itching to become is waiting for your sacrifice. That gut feeling of an idea that you can’t shake is stuck in you for a reason.

Fight worry like a warrior. Start by taking control of your day today.


How to take control of your day

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1. Beware of your attention

Put your phone away when you are spending time with friends. If your Facebook friends wanted yo earn your likes, they would be hanging out with you. Focus your attention on the people around you. Help them with their worries to let go of yours.

2. Don’t get carried away with distractions

It is one thing to disconnect, it is quite another disengage. We all have the reality show we can’t get away from. Netflix has made it impossible to avoid the monthly (ahem, weekly) 12 episode binge. Manage the addiction to social media, rise above office politics, stop relying on the attention of others. Rely on yours. Draw a line, take control of your focus. Introduce yourself to new habits that are worth your attention.

3. Manage your time

Work time is work time. Rest time is rest time. Family time is family time. Whatever you do, plan it ahead and commit to getting the most out of it.

4. Be Mindful

Don’t get carried away with your thoughts and feelings. See things for what they are, breathe.


Hello Warrior. Say Goodbye to Your Worries.

The warrior is proactive. They are disciplined. They apply their energy with efficiency. They know the value of rest. They believe in their ability. And they do not wait to be great. At B&K Mag. we know this is who you are, we only hope that you never forget it.


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