If it’s possible to personify God then there can be no debate that she must be a woman. For one, women are able to multitask, which seems like a pretty important quality for any person who intends on designing a universe.


And on the topic of creation, women literally have the power to create and bring a new life into the world.


If man was made in the likeness of God, then us males were prototypes for the finished article, woman.


But dang I’m blessed. Of all the women of the world, my mother is the most incredible. She is the inspiration for this article.


To all those who’ve been gifted with a wonderful mother, don’t wait until Mother’s day to celebrate your luck. Show your gratitude as often and as creatively as you can. They deserve it.


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Qualities of a good mother infographic


A Letter to my Mother

Hi mom. You may have been wondering what I’ve been so busy working on since I arrived. The one thing I haven’t stopped typing was this article and the graphic above.  Took a while.

good mother- letter

By the time you open this, I’ll be on a plane back to chasing my dreams. It’s been just over three years since I left New York City for Europe. And it’d been over a year since the last time I’d seen you.


As they say, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” But in my case, it’s practically impossible to care for you more than I already do. Instead, absence taught me to slow down and to appreciate. I’ve had plenty of time to think about the person I am today and guess what? My blessings always lead back to you.


Being home these past few days revealed much more than I could’ve ever hoped to discover. I was happy to speak to you and learn from you as I’ve been doing my whole life.


If anything, this trip reinforced the fact that I will never outgrow your guidance. I’ll always need it and I am blessed because I can always rely on it. But at some point during my visit, a thought dawned on me,  “it’d be nice to share the source of my inspiration with as many people as possible.”


So every time we exchanged a few ideas, I made a mental note then ran to my computer to work on this article.


For example, the morning of September 21, 2018 was when I first realized that my mother is politically minded.


I never understood how critically you consider national issues. You have a genuine interest in Nigeria becoming a greater nation and you refuse to settle for the status quo. My only dismay was that it took almost 30 years to uncover.


How could I have missed this side of you? And which other qualities have I missed?


Then a childhood memory came to me.


I remember the night when the news crashed through our home, “Moshood Abiola is dead!” You believed he was the answer to all the prayers of all the suffering in Nigeria. As you saw it, the bridge from a destitute nation to a bright future hung on the hopes of this one man coming into power.


You immediately wailed, exclaiming that he had been assassinated. I remember you trembling, with both your palms pressed over your head. “Wun ti pa, (they’ve killed him)” was your mourning chant (Forgive my terrible spelling of Yoruba).  And I remember how you cried for our country.


I hope you remember that night too. 1993. I’m pretty sure we were still living in Festac, Lagos by then. Wow, how far we’ve come.


Certain moments shape who you are. 


On September 21, 2018, I realized why I am obsessed with the conditions of the less fortunate. Because when you gave birth to me, you let me borrow a piece of your heart. And that night in Festac (when I was either 4 or 5 years old), you planted the importance of hope in my mind. Now I strive to fulfill its promise.


See, its beautiful memories like these that you can only appreciate as an adult. It’s only after one has lived a decent amount of life experiences, before it finally clicks, “we are the continued legacies of our mothers.”


I, in particular, get my passion from you.


I look forward to having more political conversations with you. In turn, I want you to look forward to the life I am working to give you.


I promised you a car and a house when I was eight. Twenty years later, that promise has continued to accrue interest. One day soon, I’ll give you the world. I swear it. Just hang in there a bit longer.


The Ten Qualities of a Wonderful Mother

Here are the ten characteristics I hope every other child gets to enjoy. I’m fortunate to have the chance to watch and learn from these outstanding traits.

good mother- list of characteristics

1. A Great Mother is Genuine

A genuine mother inspires a child to be self-assured. They are open-minded, allowing for youngsters to develop and express themselves freely.

These mothers are honest which makes them trustworthy.

Genuine mothers essentially prepare their kids for being quality human beings.


2. A Good Mother is Loving

What can define a quality human being more than the capacity to love?

A loving mother inspires her child to care about others. By being kind and supportive, she moulds her child into a more compassionate individual.

The loving mother is generous but can’t be taken advantage of (except when she allows herself to spoil her kids). By nurturing a happy child, a loving mother brings joy to the world.


3. A Wonderful Mother is Joyful

A joyful mother shows her child how to appreciate life. She is humorous, finding the lighter side of tough circumstances. She meets everyone with a smile and is able to charm the insecurities out of her child. Her friendly demeanour makes her approachable, making it easier for others to make use of her wisdom.


4. Extraordinary Mothers are Wise

A wise mother protects, forgives and guides her child. When she speaks, there is typically a lesson to be learned even if young ones are unaware.

These women are patient. They adapt to situations and grow. They don’t let their ego dictate their actions. Instead, they consider what is best for the development of their kid.

Wise mothers do what others refuse to, they listen. The ability to listen and learn makes a wise mother an indispensable asset in the life of an infant. She is able to get the most out of the attention she is paying to her child.


5. Special Mothers are Attentive and Mindful

An attentive mother connects with her child. She takes the time to explore the character of her child, anticipating the fulfilled adult they might become. She is curious about the broader & deeper interests of her child and won’t hesitate to delve the possibilities that which possibilities she might pursue on their behalf. She is fully invested in paying attention to all the details she might affect which may contribute to the enriching development of her child.


6. An Excellent Mother is Intelligent

An intelligent mother doesn’t necessarily need to have all the answers to her child’s science homework. But she does know how to make sure her child achieves their best anyway. She is self-aware. She reads people and situations well, and she is able to analyze problems, resolving issues before they become problems.



7. Amazing Mothers Command Respect

A mother who commands respect can successfully instruct children on proper behaviour. She is fair and makes thoughtful decisions which cultivate a bond built on trust. She does not restrain her child from self and world discovery, but she is careful to set reasonable boundaries.


8. A Remarkable Mother is Relentless

It’s one thing to persevere through hardship. It’s quite another to do it with a smile. A relentless mother possesses a never say die attitude. They gladly bear the burdens of life for their children.

They consistently deliver and are always striving for better.

They pass on a sense of ambition to their children.

If a remarkable mother falls down, you can always count on her to stand up, every time stronger than she was before a setback.


9. A Fantastic Mother is Strong

A strong mother imparts the values of discipline and confidence.

Nothing can break down a fantastic mother, she’ll defy all odds to achieve happiness for her child. They are role models who lead by example. Since these women put the interests of their children first, they dare to explore the whatever opportunities may further the lives of their children. The bravery of a good mother makes her a champion in the eyes of her kinds.



10. The best mothers are inspirational

Great mothers raise great people. An inspirational mother the best out of her child.

Love with all heart your heart. Be the embodiment of every single quality listed above, your child will be committed to following your lead.



The Good Mother Conclusion

Hi, again mom. I just want to say thank you.


I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that all your children are doing well. You worked hard at raising us. You made our happiness your dream. And you’ve inspired us.

The best parts of you are in our hearts. I’ve never told you this, but I’m proud that so much of who I am comes from you. Dad helped, but I am an unapologetic momma’s boy.


I wish Nigerian culture nurtured us to be more emotionally vulnerable. I wish I didn’t feel shy every time I think it, otherwise, I’d comfortably tell you, “I love you,“ every single day.


And for those moments when I hang up without saying the last thought on my mind – for any moment when you need a lift in spirit, I hope you come to this page to remember how much you mean to all five of your kids.


Love you mom.