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What is Character? Character is the definition you give you yourself. But your description will require more than words. It will be embedded in action, attitude and integrity. Though in our consumer-driven world of fifteen-minute fame, Character seems the first sacrifice. We tend to follow the masses these days, afraid to disturb the status quo.

We have replaced self-reflection for water cooler talk about our favourite television shows and sports events.

Amidst all the distractions we seem to have lost yourself. If only we could find that balance between coping with the real world and being the people that we ought to be. Do not give up on those things you enjoy, but don’t give up on yourself either.

Character is hard. It requires discipline. But Character is indifferent if you do not strive to be better than you were yesterday that that is exactly who you are anyway, it is your mindset. Can you live with that? Your answer is your character.

Do you have what it takes to say no to temptation?

Will you be brave with what you truly believe is right when you are alone in a crowd of differing opinions?

I know I have to do a better job with my temper. If I can rein it in around friends and coworkers than I certainly do not have to lash out against people that love me the most. What does it say about me when it the people who treat me best we get my worst? Can you wait one more second before reacting in anger? It is within your character to change.

I do not have to overthink and over stress over things that do not go my way. You aren’t judged by the easy times, it is what you do in the face of adversity that best reveals who you are. What is your reaction to pain? It is your character.

I am going to work on m knack for constantly nodding in agreement because I am so desperate to be liked. Have you started to think for yourself yet?

I don’t want to be a coward. I don’t want my ego to get in the way of what ought to be done. I know that character is a challenge. I know that just because people do not treat me the way I want to be treated does not mean I have to regard them with indifference. If I will ever be who I want to be then I will treat every single human being with kindness and grace. No more ignoring my neighbours because I think some of them are racist. It is my responsibility to show them there is nothing to fear instead of feeding their insecurities. Are you strong enough to stand for something?

Exactly what is the character that you are going to start fighting for? I have a friend that I promised I was never going to speak to again. I made a mistake. And then he did something to hurt me. I have never been the type to forgive. But I want to be. So I am signing off here, and going to send him a message because it is never too early to work on your character.


65 Character Quotes to Live a Better Life: 


1. “The highest reward for man’s toil is not what he gets for it but what he becomes by it.” — JOHN RUSKIN


2. “Nothing of character is really permanent but virtue and personal worth.” — DANIEL WEBSTERdaniel webster character quotes


3. “Men best show their character in trifles, where they are not on their guard. It is in the simplest habits, that we often see the boundless egotism which pays no regard to the feelings of others and denies nothing to itself.” — ARTHUR SCHOPENHAUER


4. “Character isn’t something you were born with and can’t change, like your fingerprints. It’s something you weren’t born with and must take responsibility for forming.” — JIM ROHN


5.  “Our character is basically a composite of our habits. Because they are consistent, often unconscious patterns, they constantly, daily, express our character.” — Stephen Covey


6. “Wealth stays with us a little moment if at all: only our characters are steadfast, not our gold.” — EURIPIDESeuripides character quotes


7. “Our character is basically a composite of our habits. Because they are consistent, often unconscious patterns, they constantly, daily, express our character.” — STEPHEN COVEY


8. “Character builds slowly, but it can be torn down with incredible swiftness.” — FAITH BALDWIN


9. “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” ― ABRAHAM LINCOLN


10. “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experiences of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired and success achieved.” — HELEN KELLER


11. “Character is like a tree and reputation its shadow. The shadow is what we think it is; the tree is the real thing.” — ABRAHAM LINCOLN


12. “All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil. The only crime is pride.” — SOPHOCLES


13. “Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking.” —JACKSON BROWNE


14.  “You are not very good if you are not better than your best friends imagine you to be.” — JOHANN KASPAR LAVATER


15. “The moment a question comes to your mind, see yourself mentally taking hold of it and disposing of it. In that moment is your choice made. Thus you learn to take the path to the right. Thus you learn to become the decider and not the vacillator. Thus you build character.” — H. VAN ANDERSON


16. “Let us not say, Every man is the architect of his own fortune; but let us say, Every man is the architect of his own character.” — GEORGE DANA BOARDMAN


17. “Thought creates character.” — ANNIE BESSANTannie bessant character quotes


18. “To be thrown upon one’s own resources is to be cast into the very lap of fortune; for our faculties then undergo a development and display an energy of which they were previously unsusceptible.” — BENJAMIN FRANKLIN


19. “Of all the properties which belong to honourable men, not one is so highly prized as that of character.” — HENRY CLAY


20. “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” ― JOHN WOODEN


21. “Good habits are not made on birthdays, nor Christian character at the new year. The workshop of character is everyday life. The uneventful and commonplace hour is where the battle is lost or won.” — MALTBIE DAVENPORT BABCOCK


22. “Strong feelings do not necessarily make a strong character. The strength of a man is to be measured by the power of the feelings he subdues not by the power of those which subdue him.” — WILLIAM CARLETON


23. “The true test of character is not how much we know how to do, but how we behave when we don’t know what to do.” — JON HOLTjon holt character quotes


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24. “Our character is basically a composite of our habits. Because they are consistent, often unconscious patterns, they constantly, daily, express our character.” — STEPHEN COVEY


25. “It is an old saying, and one of fearful and fathomless import, that we are forming characters for eternity. Forming characters – Whose? Our own or others? Both and in that momentous act lies the peril and responsibility of our existence.” — ELIHU BURRITT


26. “To succeed is nothing, it’s an accident. but to feel no doubts about oneself is something very different: it is character.” — MARIE LENERU


27. “Your reputation is in the hands of others. That’s what a reputation is. You can’t control that. The only thing you can control is your character.” — DR. WAYNE W. DYER


28. “In the last analysis, what we are communicates far more eloquently than anything we say or do.” — STEPHEN COVEY


29. “A character standard is far more important than even a gold standard. The success of all economic systems is still dependent upon both righteous leaders and righteous people. In the last analysis, our national future depends upon our national character that is, whether it is spiritually or materially minded.” — ROGER WARD BABSON


30. “Personality can open doors, but only character can keep them open.” — ELMER G. LETTERMAN


31. “Every human being is intended to have a character of his own; to be what no other is, and to do what no other can do.” — WILLIAM ELLERY CHANNING


32. “Character is destiny.” — HERACLITUS


33. “There is nothing in which people more betray their character than in what they laugh at.” — GOETHE


34. “Character is the result of two things: Mental attitude and the way we spend our time.” — ELBERT HUBBARDelbert hubbard character quotes


35. “To enjoy the things we ought and to hate the things we ought has the greatest bearing on excellence of character.” — ARISTOTLE


36. “It is easier to fight for one’s principles than to live up to them.” — ALFRED ADLER


37. “Such as are thy habitual thoughts, such also will be the character of thy soul for the soul is dyed by the thoughts. Dye it then, with a continuous series of such thoughts as these that where a man can live, there if he will, he can also live well.” — MARCUS ANTONIUS


38. “Good character is more to be praised than outstanding talent. Most talents are to some extent a gift. Good character, by contrast, is not given to us. We have to build it piece by piece—by thought, choice, courage and determination.” — JOHN LUTHER


39. “Character is a subtle thing. Its sources are obscure, its roots delicate and invisible. We know it when we see it and it always commands our admiration, and the absence of it our pity; but it is largely a matter of will.” — LEO J. MUIR


40. “You can tell the character of every man when you see how he receives praise.” — SENECA


41. “As diamond cuts diamond, and one hone smoothes a second, all the parts of intellect are whetstones to each other; and genius, which is but the result of their mutual sharpening, is character, too.”  — H. W. BARTOL


42. “Knowledge will give you power, but character respect.” — BRUCE LEEbruce lee character quotes


43. “Character is not made in a crisis it is only exhibited.” — ROBERT FREEMAN


44. “Character is the indelible mark that determines the only true value of all people and all their work.” — ORISON SWETT MARDEN


45. “The discipline of desire is the background of character.” — JOHN LOCKE


46. “People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.” — RALPH WALDO EMERSON


47. “Men of genius are admired, men of wealth are envied, men of power are feared, but only men of character are trusted.” — ALFRED ADLER


48. “You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.” — JAMES A. FROUDE


49. “Success is always temporary. When all is said and done, the only thing you’ll have left is your character.” — VINCE GILL


50. “If you create an act, you create a habit. If you create a habit, you create a character. If you create a character, you create a destiny.” — ANDRÉ MAUROIS


51. “A good character is, in all cases, the fruit of personal exertion. It is not inherited from parents; it is not created by external advantages; it is no necessary appendage of birth, wealth, talents, or station; but it is the result of one’s own endeavours, the fruit and reward of good principles manifested in a course of virtuous and honourable action.” — J. HAWES


52. “Dreams are the touchstones of our character.” — HENRY DAVID THOREAUhenry david thoreau character quotes


53. “Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones.” — PHILLIPS BROOKS


54. “Character is perfectly educated will.” — NOVALIS


55. “Life is a series of experiences, each one of which makes us bigger, even though sometimes it is hard to realize this. For the world was built to develop character, and we must learn that the setbacks and griefs which we endure help us in our marching onward.” — HENRY FORD


56. “Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.” — ALBERT EINSTEIN


57. “Character is, for the most part, simply habit become fixed.” — C. H. PARKHURST


58. “A person’s treatment of money is the most decisive test of his character, how they make it and how they spend it.” — JAMES MOFFATT


59. “Character develops itself in the stream of life.” — JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHEjohann wolfgang von goethe character quotes


60. “No man can climb out beyond the limitations of his own character.” — JOHN LORD MORLEY


61. “Faced with crisis, the man of character falls back on himself. He imposes his own stamp of action, takes responsibility for it, makes it his own.” — GENERAL CHARLES DEGAULLE


62. “Character is made by what you stand for; reputation by what you fall for.” — ROBERT QUILLEN


63. “The most vital test of a man’s character is not how he behaves after success, but how he sustains defeat.” — RAYMOND MOLEY


64. “Even as water carves monuments of stone, so do our thoughts shape our character.” — HUGH B. BROWN


65. “Character isn’t inherited. One builds it daily by the way one thinks and acts, thought by thought, action by action. If one lets fear or hate or anger take possession of the mind, they become self-forged chains.” — HELEN DOUGLAS

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