Don’t ask why it works. Just believe it and be patient. Karma is the key.

Very recently I noticed a character change. It has been about a year since I have just being going through the motions of passion but the enthusiasm has been lacking. 

I’m not even sure I know exactly what I want in life at this point. I just know how to hold a positive attitude. 

PIus, I know one thing, I’m always willing to give my best. 

The future will take care of the rest. 

In a way this new space of life is as exciting as it is terrifying, the whole unknown thing.

Start by fixing the simplest things.

With nothing else to hold on to, I have taken inspiration upon myself. I am forcing the good,  and capitalizing on the opportunities presented to me in order to display the sort of character I will be proud of. No matter how hard.

Just now I finally apologized to my neighbour for being rather standoffish this past month. I have been noticing the looks on his face as I walk by. He wasn’t as angry as he was confused because I made everything so sour so suddenly. 

We went from cordially exchanging pleasantries in the hallway to arch nemesis at the snap of a finger. That wasn’t fair. I know it. And I finally did something about it. Though not immediately.

In the past three days I’ve been taking steps to be more supportive for my friends. I haven’t been blowing them off to figure out my life. Instead, I have committed to helping them through theirs. 

Perhaps I should have known my attitude would start to turn the corner when Joshua said to me, “you got some good Karma coming your way man. You just helped me a whole lot.”

Joshua’s been going through a breakup on top of a difficult time with his studies. In the midst of trying to find balance and a sense of normalcy in his life, he sent me a whatsapp message practically saying he didn’t want to be friends with me anymore.

Typical me would have dusted the whole situation off as another friend lost in the rubble. I’ve never had a problem making new ones. So when Joshua sent his first message in attempts of making amends, this time of facebook, I ignored it.