Keep the child in you alive. 

Cherish the innocence and the sense of wonder. 

Remain playfully hopeful as you dream. 

Be quick to forgive. 

Life will come with problems but you are always faced with two choices, to be jarred with adult fears or to shine with curiosity. 

Don’t stop asking why, don’t stop learning and don’t ever think you are too grown up. 

No one is more perfectly imperfect like a happy child.

Children believe in the impossible.

They smirk michievoulsy at the magic of life.

It is not until they learn from us that the wonders of the universe become closed to them.

If we were able to learn at the age of 30, how to nourish a happy childlike view, imagine how the world would work. Think about it for one second. 

How much more improved we would be if competition became cooperation like children playing in the park? 

How much better would we get along if we did not mistrust each other?

 Would you smile more if you dealt with life with the intelligence of your adulthood but the spirit of your childhood?

Stay young, children are nothing more than a human attitude.