Are you a leader?

Will you put the sake of others before your own? Because that is how leaders think.

Do you believe you can unite a diverse group of people towards a collective goal? Because that is what leaders do.

Are you capable of shouldering the blame for others even though you have done nothing wrong? Because that is an expectation of a leader.

Have you ever brought the best out of someone, helped them to surpass their expectations? Leaders have that responsibility.

Will you crumble when everything else around you starts to fall apart? Because leaders are tested painfully.

Can you walk with your held head high and smile for the sake of those suffering among you, though you suffer the most? Do I still have to remind you that this is how leaders must be?

Can you come to grips with being a servant of all those below you? Because that is who leaders are. 

Leaders have the strength and unity to march forward with purpose. They spread love and the world is a better place because of them.

Are you a leader?