Kristina is a talented graphic designer, photographer and videographer. Focusing specifically on creating the Spanish section of B&K MAG., she directs the branding and strategy of the publication. As a marketer, she is committed to a mission of leaving the world a better place than she met it.

backlinks and linkbuilding COVERS

Backlinks and Link Building: Everything You Need To Know

Today, we’ll be going over an important factor of SEO, backlinks.   Once your website is live, you ought to

SEO image cover

Images: On page Optimization For Quality Web Content

THE IMPORTANCE OF WEB IMAGES Images are a powerful way of engaging web visitors.   Quality photographs represent your brand

header tags cover

Header Tags: On page Optimization For Quality Web Content

Imagine reading a history textbook in which every opening chapter was defined by a title. For example, “World War 2,”

SEO Meta Descriptions cover

SEO Meta Description Optimization: 6 Can’t Miss Tips

In the ideal world, users will read your title and decide to enter your page.   But until someone ends

Match seo Search intent cover

How to Match Search intent and Web Page Objective

Just about every indexed page on your website deserves an objective. When creating news pages, you should be able to

Tiltle tag on-page optimization

Title Tags: On page Optimization For Quality Web Content

What are Title Tags <title></title> ? According to SEMRush:   The Page Title is the clickable title of a webpage

7 reasons to learn seo cover

7 Reasons to Learn SEO and Effective Copywriting

Time to stop writing for obscurity.   After reading this article, we hope you’ll fall in love with the idea

Boost direct website visits to your site

How to Boost Direct Website Visits to Your Site

One of the most difficult SEO ranking factors to influence happens to be one of the most important.   Optimizing

Implement seo keywords cover

How to Implement SEO Keywords on Your Web Page – The Super Guide

Just how Important are Keywords? You can find and write for terms that millions of people are already looking for.

10 quotes to make you smile

10 Quotes to Make you Smile [Quotes Infographic]

Life is too short to let our worries take over. Here we bring you 10 Quotes to make you Smile.


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