To live a worthy life isn’t complicated. At least, not the way we make it. It is not so elusive. It is wholly deductive. Take a look at how far we have come, all the places still to go. 

Moving forward together is our mission. As persistent as gravity, we continue to advance in reason. We have learned, adapted and created. Your worthy life is your participation in all of our progression. It needn’t be burdensome. Stick to principles. Be careful with actions. Do not live life in vain. This may seem vague, so allow me to explain. 

Life has never been about dying the richest. It has always been about living the kindest. Some of us live selfishly, expecting to be blessed. But happiness is the reward for those on a noble quest. 

He who is of his community is he who is worthy. Never forget other’s, but you are important too. This next part the one that is all about you. 

You are bound to develop your character. To the creative pursuit of your passions. This bond means making a contribution through your abilities and the way in which you nurture them. So I say find work that feels like play. Solve the problems of others to keep yours at bay. Make you proud, express out loud. Overcome our difficulties through achievement. Hard work is the ultimate regiment. 

To be worthy, do not let doubt impede. Set yourself goals, those which allow you to be, the person that you always dreamt. You will one day succeed. 

How many of us are content, to merely coast through strife? To fulfill our purpose in life, that is our highest bond. But to figure it all out, there is no magic wand. It is up to you, and you must see it through. Worthiness requires passion. Find who you are and trust your vision. 

Never forget. Never forget, the philosophy of a worthy life. It requires kindness and commitment, through this journey of our bonds. Take up the challenge, become the best you can. It is this duty to ourselves that unleashes the greatness of man. 

Be Worthy.