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Commitment is Excellence

As we see it, the only way to rise above is to commit. Worthy goals require grit. Imagine a kite, sailing on high. Your hand on the spool as you watch it fly.  [...]

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The Meditation Need

The mind can’t help thinking. Just like the ear can't choose what sounds to listen to. Most of our lives are automated, not solely on a biological level but also in how we [...]

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Righteousness is Commitment to Good

“In a world full of sin, the righteous surely must be foolish,” said the pragmatic man. “It’s when the night is darkest that the light shines the brightest. Would you call that foolish,” [...]

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How to Put Together an Organic Keyword Map

1. What is keyword mapping? It is the process of identifying a set of target keywords that will be mapped to a specific URL. This helps to ensure you are maximizing the search [...]

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How Project Management Works

1. What is a project and what are its characteristics A project is a time sensitive plan to create a unique project or service. Change Projects are a conduit of change. They [...]


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I believe we all have a purpose. At B&K, you are experiencing the meaning I chose to give to my existence. It’s my hope that you find inspiration here. And even more so, that you enjoy life.

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I believe the world is a remarkable place. In it, B&K has allowed me to discover and to contribute the best of myself. I hope we’re able to help you find the spark that unleashes your greatness.

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Bonds & Kindness

Two lives intertwined, cooperating to make a positive impact in the world. Just the two of us, questioning, exploring, and creating. Thank goodness we bring out the best in each other.

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